A Broad Overview of our Capabilities

We can handle all of your industrial equipment needs from Casters to Cabinets to Cranes to Conveyors, and from simple Catalog Items to Fully Integrated Systems.  We got started in the 1960’s doing Complex Process Projects and have found it easy through the years to be involved in any of the following endeavors at your facility:

  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Conveying
  • Process
  • Storage
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Ergonomic & Safety needs
  • Facility Upgrades

Our Customers are Warehousing, Office, Industrial, Commercial, or Institutional Facilities of virtually any size or Market Segment.

Our Advanced Integration Capabilities

Your complex Material Handling project is not just deciding what equipment to purchase.  Scheme & Equipment, Inc. has the capability to work with you by defining the goals of the project, determining the necessary flow, selecting the appropriate equipment, reviewing integration compatibility, specifying accessory needs, drafting layout drawings, providing equipment supply, performing mechanical installation, delivering all controls and software, supplying all field wiring, plus coordinating all start-up and training needs.

Our abilities can encompass all of your process and handling needs from raw material delivery through your value-added production process, into any side storage or accumulation needs, and finally through the packaging and shipping functions.

Every project and every Process is different, so our proposal to you will include the elements we anticipate providing for your custom project. If we fail to anticipate an element you need from us, simply ask us for a revision that includes that element.

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